What’s New For Walls

Trends are often cyclical, so some things considered passe for years can suddenly become “hot” again. We see this all the time when it comes to clothing and it’s also true for interior design. What’s making a comeback right now? Wall coverings!

I have fond childhood memories of wall coverings. My mom decorated our Ohio home with grass cloth in the main areas. My brother and I were given artistic freedom to choose wall coverings for our bedrooms. I chose columns of brightly colored neon flowers to go with my neon green carpet and lavender painted shelves and shutters. My brother who loves sports chose a baseball theme to go with his wood paneling and blue carpeting.

The grass cloths from the 1970s are popular again as are patterned wall coverings. Other options for small rooms and accent walls include:

  • Textured wallpaper—faux stone or wood or floral and scroll patterns
  • Metallic wallpaper—gold, silver and black elements that create sparkle
  • Fabric or textile wall coverings—manmade or natural fibers that mimic velvet, silk, linen or cotton
  • Wall murals—transformative designs such as dramatic floral arrangements, landscapes, forests and other nature-inspired scenes
  • Coloring wallpaper—fun for a kid’s room as well as any entertaining space

In addition to having more options than you might have thought, you’ll be pleased to learn that today’s wallpaper is easier to apply and remove than its older counterparts.

Diane’s Take: Wall coverings are a unique way to add visual interest to your home. They can make a huge impact in a powder room or as a focal point in a special area.


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