Update Your Home With Design Ideas That Aren’t Scary at All

Halloween might be right around the corner but there’s no reason to fear making some small updates to your home that can make a surprising, welcome difference. No tricks here, just a few subtle (non-caloric) treats in the form of design ideas to contemplate.

1. Enhance Your Bookcase

Broaden what you display on your bookcase to include more than just books. In fact, it’s recommended reading material only take up half of that shelf space; the rest can be filled with decorative items like collectibles and plants.

2. Revamp Your Fireplace

Choose from update options that include new fireproof tiles for a working tiled fireplace; layering paint, limewash or concrete stain on the stones of a working or decorative stone fireplace; and covering a decorative fireplace with painted shiplap or tongue-and-groove boards, peel-and-stick wallpaper or tile.

3. Expand Your Kitchen Island

Place a larger countertop on your existing island with an overhang that adds space for sitting, taking care that appliances can still open and it’s not necessary to be a contortionist to walk around it.

4. Ensure Your Kitchen is Timeless

Consider painting dark wood cabinets white, adding new pulls and knobs and using white subway tiles—with light or even white grout—for the backsplash since white kitchens are always popular.

5. Extend the Life of Your Mattress

Do a head-to-foot rotation of your spring or memory-foam mattress every six months and flip it over completely every year—the latter as long as you have a two-sided mattress (one without a plush pillowtop).

6. Install Blackout Shades/Drapes

Enhance your sleep and possibly lower your energy bills by installing blackout curtains or Roman shades or adding a blackout liner to your existing curtains. Nighty-night!  

Diane’s Take: Think of these ideas as ways to modernize your home without running up a big bill. A bookcase with more than cluttered books is an attractive way to decorate. Fireplaces are usually focal points of a home, and simply changing out tile can make a big impact. Bedroom well-being is always a must for me; a good quality mattress and blackout shades can make a significant difference in how well you sleep. Bella Designs specializes in window treatments so we can assist you with the selection of bedroom shades/drapes. Happy Halloween!


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