Summer Design Trends

Looking for ways to incorporate some summertime into your home? While it may feel like summer in places like Arizona and Southern California all year long, summer is really more of a feeling when it comes to design, and here are a handful of trends in design for summer 2021.


Go Blue

Honoring the bright summer skies, the who’s who of interior designers voted blue as one of the top summer interior design trends this year. Think about a rich blue for an accent wall or pops of cobalt blue to add vibrancy. Want to be a bit more subtle? Try light blue linens and/or accessories to evoke a Grecian vibe.


Stay Neutral…

Summer beach homes are often associated with colors like white, ivory, pale gray and beige, and even if your place is miles from any water, those hues will still work great. Neutrals also make an excellent backdrop for incorporating a bit of color.


…But Make a Colorful Statement

Sure, you can choose accents like throw pillows, blankets, rugs and vases to complement your neutrals, but why not go for a bold statement piece? With more people opting for open space layouts and minimal design, a standout item like a cranberry accent chair is a great focal point and conversation starter.


Think Greenery

Incorporating natural elements into design is a timeless trend — and you don’t need a green thumb to do it. While adding live plants and succulents into your décor can change your life, faux plants allow you to keep up with seasons and trends. Did you know greenery is a big part of boho décor?


Choose Natural Wood, Breezy Fabrics

The light hues of rattan, cane, wicker and similarly colored other woods will make any space feel summery, and those lighter elements help maintain an airy, spacious feel far past that season. Add to that aesthetic with curtains made from cotton voile, flax linen, sheer silk, or something similar.


Diane’s Take:

Bringing nature’s colorful beauty into your home is a way to embrace the summer season.

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