Spring Forward

Most people who know me might think summer is my favorite season, since I do love it when the heat is on. But I think spring earns that honor from me—since the transition from winter evokes thoughts of rebirth and renewal. This magical season is almost here, offering a great opportunity to spring forward with home projects and new décor to welcome the season and renew your energy.


Here are some simple ideas to connect with nature,  brighten your space and add a bit of color, with spring in mind:

  1. Plant beautiful flowers in your outdoor garden or ceramic pots or add blooms to a vibrant vase in your home. This is a colorful way to welcome springtime.
  2. Spring clean your home by dusting, washing the floors/rugs, and cleaning the windows—and embrace your productive self.
  3. Clear out excess items in your home and garage and notice the new positive energy flowing within.
  4. Go out into nature; take a walk around the neighborhood, hike local trails, or breathe in the fresh ocean air. Enjoy all Mother Nature has to offer where you live.
  5. Add spring colors to your home by painting the walls, adding decorative pillows and rugs, or hanging colorful artwork. Nature’s colors have a positive impact on well-being.


Diane’s take: Spring is a time of year that inspires me to take action and enjoy the results. See how these simple ideas may have a positive effect on your life.


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