If you remember the January and February blog posts—focused on organization and decluttering—you won’t be surprised to see the theme of letting go the old to bring in new goodness continue this month as we move outside the home and into the garage.

While it’s not technically living space (except for your car[s]), this home-adjacent or -attached space plays an important role in well-being. For most of us, the garage is last part of our home we see when we leave and the first part we see when we get home. If it’s filled with items we don’t use, need or love, the result is more than clutter—we’re holding on to stagnant energy. 

To bring in new energy, here are a handful of ways to organize and enhance your garage:

1. Install storage cabinets, such as a shoe rack, filing cabinet, and drawers

2. Dress up the concrete floor with an epoxy coating or square carpet tiles

3. Paint walls with a cheerful color.

4. Install hooks to hang bikes, bike helmets and sporting racquets

5. Organize like items and donate, sell, or throw away/recycle those that no longer serve you, e.g., old paint cans, duplicate tools, empty boxes, unused household items

Diane’s Take: Organizing your garage is just as necessary as organizing your home. Storage cabinets can make a huge impact to store tools, yard equipment, photos, toys, household items, and holiday décor. Are there ways to move useful items out of the house and store them in garage storage cabinets? Absolutely! I’ve dedicated a whole cabinet to store my interior design fabric samples, catalogs, tote sample bags, and hand samples—all of which used to live in my home office. Let Bella Designs assist you in creating the garage of your dreams.
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