Simplifying Home Renovations

The words home renovation terrify most homeowners since it can be daunting to tackle even a modest project. What’s the secret to success? Follow the simple yet valuable tips noted below, from Real Simple, to ensure a smooth and seamless project.

  1. Don’t bite off more than you can chew. Most people don’t have the means or energy to renovate their whole home at once. A good alternative is choosing the most important space to start the process—and for most people that’s usually the kitchen or bath.
  2. Find inspiration from multiple sources. There are plenty of places to find design inspiration. I rely on Houzz and recommend this professional platform to my clients but you can also turn to Pinterest, home design magazines and more.
  3. Be realistic when budgeting. Understand all your costs upfront and establish a reasonable budget that includes a “cushion” because home renovations typically exceed their estimated costs.
  4. Don’t do it alone. Hire professionals to guide you through the process and thoroughly vet anyone you’re thinking about working with. Be aware that interior designers can offer invaluable advice as well as design and manage the complete renovation.
  5. Use your voice. To ensure the final look is what you envisioned, be sure to communicate your ideas effectively, perhaps relying on photos, and keep everyone on the team involved in the communications loop.
  6. Buy before you “bulldoze.” Since we’re still dealing with some supply chain issues, make sure all your materials are in place before starting the demo process. Your design should also be ready to be implemented before the first hammer blow.
  7. Be prepared for delays. In a perfect world, the process goes exactly as planned—but in the real world you may face structural, plumbing or electrical issues, bad weather and even contractor mistakes. It’s best to expect the unexpected and roll with the punches.
  8. Create a punch list. When your renovation is substantially done, there may some little things that need to be addressed to make it perfect. Walk through the site with your pro to create a list of those fixes and make sure they’re completed in a timely manner.


Diane’s Take: Completely renovating our San Diego home required careful planning and execution through many different stages. The beautiful outcome was well worth the time and effort. In addition to that personal remodel and designing my semi-custom new-build home in Scottsdale, I have 20+ years of experience helping clients through residential and commercial renovations. Bella Designs can guide you through your renovation with style and ease. 


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