Simple Finishing Touches for Your Home

Welcome to 2023! If one of your goals to start the new year is “finishing” your home design but you feel overwhelmed when thinking about it, here’s some good news: there are plenty of small touches that will make a real difference. Here are some ideas from Real Simple magazine:


  1. Add plants. You’re probably aware that living plants—not the plastic kind!—purify your home’s air but did you know they also add life into your rooms? If you have a brown thumb, invest in hard-to-kill species such as Chinese evergreen or the snake plant.
  2. Organize your bookshelves. If your bookshelves are currently a jumble of books and other items haphazardly placed there, give them a makeover. Maybe group books by color and thoughtfully mix in art, vases or photos.
  3. Tackle blank walls. Hanging art or mirrors or putting up floating shelves to display items you love are all great solutions to get rid of any blank walls in your home.
  4. Focus on height. Objects that are above eye level make a room more visually interesting, so think about hanging plants or a mobile or installing a suspended light fixture.
  5. Design vignettes. Take stock of items you already have in your home—such as collectibles, small lamps, vases and candlesticks—and think about how they can be grouped into eye-pleasing arrangements.

Diane’s Take: All of these are good ways to make your home feel finished—and I can say that based on some firsthand experience. Organizing the bookshelves in my old home in San Diego by color and height added an attractive decorative element to them and I have living plants in all the rooms of my Scottsdale home except the bedrooms. Try some of these ideas to add the finishing touch to your home.


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