Renew Your Closet

Your closet may be one of the most important spaces in your home since it’s where you “put yourself together” every day. But are you giving it the attention it needs? Closets are often taken for granted and not regarded as a priority—but making sure yours is well organized is rewarding and perhaps even timesaving. The beginning of the year is a perfect time to get your closet in order. 


Scottsdale Magazine suggested the following five ways to transform your closet into a beautiful and functional space, all of which I endorse:

  1. Eliminate long searches—Put the clothes you wear most often in the front of closet, and stash things like formal wear and out-of-season items toward the back and on harder-to-reach shelves.
  2. Organize by type and color—Separate clothing into like groupings, i.e., dresses, long-sleeved casual shirts, button-down work shirts, etc., and then organize the groups by color to create a closet rainbow.
  3. Use the space you have to its fullest potential—Consider built-ins to maximize storage space for items like shoes, sweaters and jeans or wall hooks for belts and scarves but also leave some negative space.
  4. Focus on directionality—Hang your clothes so they all face in the same direction to attain continuity in your closet, a small thing that can make a big difference.
  5. Ditch wire or plastic hangers—Invest in upgraded hangers to produce an aesthetic benefit in your closet and also be kinder to your clothes.

Diane’s Take: I learned over 20 years ago that transforming my closet made life much easier.  Incorporating a closet system from a company like California Closets really maximizes the space and allows for additional storage compartments. The cabinet drawers/shelves, jewelry drawers, shoe racks, laundry bins, and ironing board are some of the great options available. The closet systems can be upgraded with cabinet finishes, crown moulding, and decorative hardware to reflect your personal taste. Think of your closet as an extension of your home—keep it clutter-free, organized and beautiful.


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