Monday, February 1 2016   Posted in General

The first month of 2016 is already behind us, but the new Feng Shui year just started, on February 4. It’s the year of the fire monkey — so think “energetic playfulness.”

Since the last newsletter, I've attended the Designers Resource Collection & M. Austin Designer Floors & Fabrics CEU Event, Tutto Marmo NKBA Holiday Soiree, Pirch ASID Holiday Party, Cal-a-Vie Designer Event, and Borrelli Design+Cabinet Open House. At each event, I was able to view the latest products, learn their benefits, and discover how to incorporate them into your design projects.

I hope you enjoyed the holidays and 2016 has started off well. To ensure the rest of the year is fabulous, consider incorporating Feng Shui principles at your home or office. I’m happy to provide a consultation to help you do that.

5 Tips to Enhance Your Year

  1.  Start at the front. Good energy comes through your front door, so use it to enter your home as often as possible. Keep your entranceway welcoming, clean and void of clutter. 
  2. Think bright and fresh. Seeing the brightness outside and bringing in fresh air will make a difference in your wellbeing. Keep your windows clean and open them when weather permits.
  3. Banish broken. When things are working properly, so will your life. Replace or repair broken items; replace batteries and light bulbs; repair water faucet leaks; and fix sticky locks, squeaky doors, and leaky windows.  
  4. Say goodbye to clutter. You'll be surprised how new opportunities and good energy flow through spaces when clutter is removed. Donate or toss out items you don’t use, need, wear, or love — including paperwork, magazines, and clothing. Do the same for furniture and accessories, and ensure the pieces you keep are placed correctly to help you live a harmonious life.
  5. Get an assessment. Have a professional Feng Shui assessment done if you're looking to enhance your home, buy or sell a home, enhance or purchase a business, or lease a new business location. It’s no a fad; Feng Shui has been around for more than 3,500 years.