Ready for remodeling this year?

Many people make resolutions to start a new year; among the top 10 are exercising more, losing weight, quitting smoking, traveling more and saving more money. Some of those may resonate with you, but maybe remodeling your home is a top goal for you in 2022.

As you might expect, I have expertise in this area, but I’m always adding to my education. Here are some things I learned in 2021 that may help guide you to a smooth remodel this year:

  1. Start the design process way before you expect to start the remodel. Your decision-making process will be unique; some people are quick to make choices while others take a while. Regardless of where you fall, you’ll want to make sure the design is finalized at least a few months before you want the project to begin.


  1. Order all products immediately after the design has been finalized. The supply chain issues you’ve certainly read about are hitting just about all industries and no one can predict when or if things will be getting back to “normal.” Be patient and expect long lead times and delays.


  1. Have a realistic budget established and build in a cushion. Make sure you stay within your comfort zone when it comes to what you will be spending and also be aware that everything costs more than you realize. If you include a little “wiggle room,” you won’t be caught by surprise.


  1. Choose a team that is creative, supportive and reliable. You will likely be dealing with multiple vendors that should be compatible with one another. Having a team that collaborates well will go a long way toward ensuring a positive remodel experience.


  1. Have a clear project scope. Everyone should be on the same page from the beginning of the project until completion. Communication is key to ensuring the process goes as smoothly as possible — and your remodel is everything you dreamed it would be.


Diane’s Take: Begin the remodel process early, especially if you have a specific completion date in mind. Make a plan regarding requirements, budget and time frame, but also realize that due to circumstances beyond your vendors’ control, some flexibility is necessary.



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