Knock, Knock! Don’t Ignore Your Front Door

The season of rebirth—spring—is an excellent time to think about the first impression visitors get when arriving at your home. Curb appeal includes a number of elements but one of the most important, and often overlooked, is your front door. The first point of entry into your home is also your first opportunity to make a statement about your design aesthetic and what lies inside. Don’t miss out on this chance to make a memorable initial impression. There are plenty of style options when it comes to your front door, including:


Classic wood

Wood doors are traditional but that doesn’t mean they need to be ho-hum. Consider a natural wood stain to mimic outdoor elements either on the entire door or on elements like beautiful carving or trim accents.



A Pop of color

Showcase your personality and creative side by painting your front door a favorite color. There’s no real “wrong” here, anything from bright pinks, oranges and reds to moodier blues, plums and even black can make the statement you seek.



Lighten it up

Let the sunshine in by incorporating glass inserts into your front door—ideal for the Arizona and Southern California climates. Iron doors incorporate security features even when glass is present.


Focus on security

Security doors and gates can offer beauty along with peace of mind. Wrought iron is a popular choice that’s available in a variety of styles, anything from vintage- and nature-inspired to mid-century modern, rustic and more.


Additionally, think about incorporating smart door locks and/or small doorbells into your front door makeover to modernize the gateway into your home.

 Diane’s Take: Your entry door should make a statement with style, color and metal hardware.  

Be sure to keep it looking its best; paint or stain when it starts to fade, clean dirt and spiderwebs regularly, and keep hinges and door hardware maintained. When your door starts to look weathered or makes your home look dated, consider an upgrade.  


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