Keep Cool With Solar and Roller Shades

The heat is on! While Southern California and Arizona are sunny year-round, during the summer the combination of sun and high temperatures usually finds folks seeking to cool off indoors. Air conditioning certainly helps—and is a must-have in the desert—but keeping the sun’s rays out of your home is also a good strategy.

I’ve been offering solar and roller shades for over 20 years and they have never gone out of style. They’re my favorite shades for three reasons: versatility, light control and aesthetics.
Here are a few things to consider before you start shade shopping:

Solar Shades

Get maximum sun control inside or outside—with shades that may be sustainable and reduce your carbon footprint.


Roller Shades

Enjoy clean lines, with options that are textured or patterned to provide character, that offer a simple way to add elegant simplicity to any space.


Twin Shades

Check out two-in-one shades that are perfect for both letting light in and providing privacy.


Smooth Operation

Sit back and relax, as many solar and roller shades feature upgraded controls as well as motorized lift systems.



Pair your solar or roller shades with other window treatments such as drapes, cornices or valances to really dress up your windows.


Diane’s Take: Solar shades offer the best features for heat control, glare control and natural views; the air temperature is greatly reduced when using them. They are an excellent choice for sunny cities like Scottsdale and San Diego. We find them ideal for our multi-windowed Scottsdale home. Contact Bella Designs if you’re interested in a fashionable way to cool your home for the summer. 

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