Happy spring —  a time for new beginnings, creativity and enjoying life.

My first trip to Washington, D.C. has fueled my creativity. My senses have been stimulated by the natural beauty of the trees and spring flowers, the Greek- and Roman-inspired architecture, and the vast history of our country. These favorite photos from the trip showcase the magnificence of the city.

The creative designs of the interiors in our nation’s capital provided some great inspiration for the creative commercial projects I’ve recently had the opportunity to work on. Healthy interiors are my main objective, so I’m pleased to share some healthy tips for work environments this month — tips that can also be applied to your home.

5 Healthy Tips for Work Environments

  1. Integrate nature by adding real plants, which remove toxins, enhance oxygen and promote greater productivity. Bringing nature inside relaxes people and gives them more energy — plus everyone gets to enjoy the plants’ natural beauty.
  2. Create a welcoming environment in the lobby with a comfortable seating arrangement, soothing artwork, and attractive wall and floor colors. All these elements promote calmness for guests and employees.
  3. Position furniture in offices so the desk and chair are in front of a solid wall — something that offers support.
  4. Promote open communication by using small round meeting tables. This arrangement allows everyone to be at ease and permits comfortable communication.
  5. Incorporate natural lighting, the best light in which to work, as it promotes nature and wellbeing. If areas do not have windows or skylights, use LED lighting, which emulates the natural daylight color range; florescent lighting is not recommended.

Diane’s Take: The elements of nature balance our environment and enhance wellbeing, so it’s important to incorporate them in any workplace setting. People will feel better and do better work when they’re in an environment that includes natural touches.

I love working on commercial projects, as my creativity has an effect on many people. If I can be of assistance on a commercial project, please refer or contact me.

The featured project is a Point Loma, Calif. remodel — a relaxing beach-inspired retreat created for weekend getaways. With the assistance of my talented contractor, CairnsCraft Design & Remodel, we completely renovated the space to the meet the client’s five-star resort dream.

Maybe the transformation will provide inspiration for you.

  1. Cabinets and layout: Are style, color, and layout important? White, crisp Shaker-style cabinets and a functional layout offer an updated clean and simple look.
  1. Countertop and backsplash: Want to add a dramatic effect? Notice the pattern movement in this Cambria quartz countertop and backsplash.
  1. Built-in storage cabinet: Who can’t use more storage? Designed for shoes, with a seat for putting them on, this cabinet also displays decorative items.
  1. Tiles: Interested in evoking the sense of being near the ocean? These shower tiles have a rippled effect reminiscent of the sand at the beach.
  1. Vinyl wood plank flooring: Why invest time and money in hardwood floors when there are alternatives? This type of flooring is easy to maintain, looks like real wood, and is a fraction of the cost.

Diane’s take: It’s time to get started if you want your home’s makeover to be ready for the holidays. 

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