Gain Design Inspiration from Hotel Stays

There is so much to love about travel—including seeing amazing sights and taking a break from real life to recharge. But you may be overlooking another benefit of enjoying time away from home: getting inspired by the designs you see in hotel rooms. Applying the creative design tips noted below can help you feel like you’re staying at a luxury hotel in your own home.
Bed with Headboard

1. Acquire a large statement headboard

Make your bed even more inviting with a headboard that does double duty as a design element and cozy backdrop for reading or watching TV.
Modern Luxury Bedroom Interior

2. Install low-hanging pendant lights over the nightstands

Ditch those bedside lamps for lighting that frees up surface space while adding a touch of elegance.

3. Place a small table next to the tub

Enhance your bath time by having items like your towel, reading material and a glass of wine within easy reach.
Claw foot tub with gold fixtures

4. Go for fancy hardware in the bathroom

Choose ornate knobs, showerheads, mirrors and more in copper, brass or bronze to give your space a luxurious yet simple makeover.
Luxury Bedroom Design

5. Choose luxury drapes and motorized shades

Window treatments can do far more than provide privacy and control how much outside light comes in—you may be surprised at what a big difference they can make to the overall look of any room.
Diane’s Take: Early in my career, I had the opportunity to design a small franchise hotel in the high desert of Southern California. It was fun to select the palette for the rooms and lobby, which featured desert paint colors, colorful fabrics, custom furniture and Spanish tiles. As design is always changing, it is interesting to see to creative innovations that now adorn the rooms. Be inspired to incorporate some commercial design ideas into your home. I practice what I preach; the renovation of the master bathroom in my San Diego home was inspired by a high-end suite at The Hotel at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas.
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