Flooring Trends

Just as the right pair of shoes can complete a wonderful outfit, the flooring you choose throughout your home is the ideal finishing touch to the aesthetic you seek. Since flooring has a huge impact on the overall design of your home, and your choice will be one you’ll likely be living with for many years, it’s worth doing your homework before you settle on what’s right for your needs and style. 

What are the popular trends noted by design experts for this year and beyond? Hint: Carpet is nowhere to be found. According to an article from House2Home of Phoenix, AZ, here’s what’s trending:

  1. Plank wood floors, whether they’re hardwood, engineered wood, vinyl wood, or wood tile, are number one. They offer durability, sustainability, and elegance—and are easy to maintain.
  2. Natural flooring holds up to the test of time and always looks classic but may not be the best option for households with kids or pets.
  3. Large tile patterns add style to a laundry or powder room, while textured tiles—like herringbone laminate and parquet wood—add personality to kitchens and are ideal for that high-traffic space.
  4. Stained concrete floors are easy to maintain and offer an industrial look, while sustainable bamboo is another good long-lasting choice.
  5. Decorative tile patterns transitioning into wood flooring offer a combination of materials and add visual interest by creating cohesion.

Diane’s Take: There are so many beautiful flooring options to choose from. Since flooring is a big, long-term investment, consider your lifestyle, usage (kids and pets), maintenance, durability, and style when making your selection. There are many options available for any budget.

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