I’m grateful to be back on track after the loss of my Dad in July and his brother in October. Both men were influential role models in my life and the inspiration for this newsletter.

My Dad lived to 94 and his brother to 89. They grew up during the Great Depression, so they always valued their possessions — keeping almost everything they owned. Dad was an engineer; he was very organized and had a system for everything that ensured it was easily accessible. My uncle was a free-spirited artist who loved to collect beautiful items; his treasures filled his home and studio.

Over time, stuff accumulates and accumulates and can take over a home. At the end of life, families are responsible for categorizing these items based on three options: keeping them in the family, donating them or selling them.

As I sort through childhood photos and plan a strategy for sorting through my parents’ belongings, the emotions and memories of years past flow through my mind and body. Plans for the New Year are formulating, but there’s stuff to deal with first. The best way to proceed appropriately is to create a plan to let go of what holds me back to be able to move forward.

I was fortunate to recently attend a workshop on organizing busy lives. We were taught to organize our minds as a first step toward organizing our lives. Ellen and Yvette, the coaches who presented the workshop, provided extremely valuable information. Check out their website,, to learn about their book, workshops and coaching sessions.


5 Tips to Let Go of Your Stuff and Achieve Freedom

  1. Only keep what you love, use, need and wear. Donate items to others who are in need, or sell them on Ebay, Amazon or Craig’s List.
  2. Take a photo of items you find hard to part with, as it’s the emotional memory attached to stuff that makes it hard to let go.
  3. Go through mail daily and recycle old magazines that take up surface space.
  4. Go through bins of holiday ornaments, toys, collectibles, etc. — freeing up valuable space for items that are actually used.
  5. Sort through closets and donate clothes, shoes, belts, purses, etc. Having an organized closet makes it easy to start a new day.

Diane’s Take: One of the reasons stuff tends to pile up is most people don’t have a plan for getting rid of old items as new ones are acquired. When you buy new items, let go of something you don’t use. Doing this regularly will ensure your stuff doesn’t accumulate.

Happy Holidays! Beautiful spaces inspire beautiful dreams. Contact me if you’re ready for a fresh start for the New Year. 

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