Brighten Your Space with Lighting

If you are fortunate enough to have a home or business with lots of large windows, you know how uplifting it can be to enjoy the best light source of them all: the sun. But every day isn’t sunny, some spaces may not have great access to natural light and of course the sun sets every day, creating hours of darkness. As a result, lighting is a key element in the design of your home or business.

Here are five things to keep in mind when you think about lighting: 

  1. A well-lit space offers adequate light to accomplish tasks such as cooking, reading and writing; hobbies like painting, coloring and sewing; and doing things such as applying makeup, shaving and more.
  2. Lighting enhances good energy that promotes well-being. Its brightness can be controlled with dimmers to offer mood lighting for dinner gatherings, showcase a piece of artwork/architectural feature and offer visual interest such as with wall sconces.
  3. The correct color temperature is important when choosing lighting, especially with LED lights. It’s best to choose a soft white color in the range of 2700-3000 K (Kelvin), 90–100 CRI (Color Rendering Index) or 800–1100 lumens (60–75 watts) for optimal results. The color casted has a huge impact on enhancing furnishings/accessories and skin tone, as well as on overall well-being. Remember when changing out lights, make sure all the fixtures have the same color temperature bulbs or there will be a noticeable difference.
  4. The style of lighting can be like a piece of fine art. The size, shape and material are elements to consider when choosing light fixtures. The correct proportion, shape and style will dictate how well the fixture looks in your space.
  5. LED bulbs are energy-efficient and last for numerous years but have a high cost. Incandescent bulbs offer the warmest glow but are not as energy-efficient as LED lighting. Florescent lighting isn’t recommended due to its artificial yellow glow and hazardous mercury composition if broken, and its unnatural cast takes away from well-being. 

Diane’s Take:  Lighting should be well considered for function and aesthetics. Color temperature and simulating nature’s warm glow are most important. There are so many beautiful light fixtures to choose from—and they can completely change the look of a room while adding rays of sunshine. 

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