Autumn Design Trends to Fall For

You can sense a change is afoot, with cooler temperatures, and then there’s the emergence of all things pumpkin, from pumpkin lattes and samosas to pumpkin cinnamon rolls and bagels. It’s autumn, or fall, depending on your preferred word choice.


With the new season comes a new opportunity to tweak your décor and leave summer behind. The central theme for autumn 2021 seems to be comfort, convenience and color, with the following seven trends predicted to be huge by designers.


Warm, Earthy Neutrals —  You can never go wrong with warm, earthy tones that personify the image of curling up to a fire. Sandstone adds a cozy feel to a home and is great year-round, and a radiant orange creates warmth and blends well with other neutral tones like gray and sand.


Bespoke Furnishings and Vintage Décor — With the pandemic driving a need to make spaces more functional and more personal, vintage, bespoke and personalized homewares are trending. Treasures that evoke the past may be sourced or tucked away in your own attic.


Cozy Fabrics and Natural Textures — Melding sophistication and coziness with ultra-soft fabrics and natural textures is a simple way to make a quick change to your existing décor. Think boucle, Sherpa and other furry fabrics, along with sweater pillows or flannel throws.


Partitions and Room Dividers — Midcentury modern room dividers are trendy again, as people seek privacy and solitude in their homes while dealing with the realities of using spaces for new uses. Decorative partition screens are an excellent way to provide “hands-on” privacy.


Urbane Cottage Kitchens — The whimsical looks of cottagecore and cabincore — featuring “frolicking in a meadow field” and an English countryside theme with a more rustic feel — have joined forces to create a less sterile approach to the hub of the house, i.e., goodbye white.


Layered Bedrooms — Bringing layers of comfort throughout bedrooms is being done with items made of linen and rattan, and perhaps an authentic Moroccan shag with warm touches of color from accessories and throws. This look can go light or dark, deciding on your preference.


Bringing the Outdoors In — No, you don’t have to add a bunch of plants to your home — unless you want to. This trend is more about doing things like switching to natural fibers in furnishings and fabrics as well as maximizing natural light.


Diane’s Take:

Autumn is one of my favorite seasons of the year!  Besides October being my birthday month, I enjoy the cooler weather and the comfort of spending more time at home.  Evoke a feeling of warmth and add a layer of coziness with these design tips.   

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