Despite being one of the smaller spaces in your home, your closet can really benefit from being organized — and that will translate into better well-being for you.

I’ve written on closet organization before but the subject is so important that I’m offering some more tips to maximize how you use your closet space. These tips are inspired by a Real Simple article, “5 Closet Mistakes you May be Making.” 

1. Customize storage bins to fit your closet dimensions. Generic organizing products may not make the best use of your available space.

2. Purchase slim hangers to store more clothes and have a consistent flow through your closet. Bulky hangers simply limit your storage space.

3. Make a habit of putting clothes back in an organized fashion. Sort by like style, brands, and color. Keep clothes sorted by seasons to make selecting easy.

4. Go through clothes, shoes, and accessories once or twice a year and pull out what you don’t wear, is out of fashion, or doesn’t fit well. Donate items, take them to a store that buys used fashions, or sell them.

5. Think about using shelving, hooks, organizers, and bins to make the best use of the vertical space in your closet, which otherwise would be empty.

Diane’s Take: I’m constantly organizing my closet, as I have a lot to organize. I’ve found the best solution is to have a closet system installed that includes multiple shelves for shoes, foldable clothes such as sweaters, and small travel bags as well as laundry bins. I also take my own advice by using slim hangers and sorting by season, style, color, and brand. When choosing clothes for a trip, I enjoy pulling clothes from one designer brand; it simplifies the selection process.
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